Anna Lapshinova, b. 1996 lives and works in Moscow after graduating from Moscow Academic Art School and The Surikov Art Institute. Anna Lapshinova belongs to a younger generation of artists whose work cannot be ascribed to any one specific medium. Installations, objects, and conceptual paintings and pervade Lapshinova’s art. Lapshinova’s works occupy a space between the figurative and the abstract, where known forms simultaneously disappear
and re-emerge.

Lapshinova's practice is invested in researching on human emotions and behaviour in order to highlight and bring in different views that shape them. Researching for her art practice, she uncovers hidden dynamics of social habits, fears, hopes and memories that determine how society functions, how people interact, who they pay attention to, and which objects are passed unacknowledged. She observes and analyses the physical essence of human beliefs of existence of time and our memory of the past that defines our present and anxiety for the future. Without being critical or judgemental, Lapshinova underlines in her works the common beliefs, the search of stability, rest and escape at the same time, by choosing a place and calling it home. By inverting the customary functions of objects and spatiality, Lapshinova toys with the perception of our encounters with the inner and outer: emotional, cultural and physical. The questions of the observer and the observed, the material and immaterial, the reality and dream, unite in a poetic narration and reflection in the artist’ world. Lapshinova explores the theory of common understanding of privacy and analyses the banality of every day life in order to question what it means to be both a private individual and a global subject.